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trying to act cool and normal messaging new roommates: **shakes hand* Hello Hi Yes, I am Fellow Adult. Haha! What’s up with those Bills, am I Right? SMH (Sadly Missing HouseHunters)


In 1585, the townspeople of Annecy, Savoy, France, became alarmed over an apple that gave out a “great and confused noise.” Believing it to be full of demons, they pushed the apple into a river.

i do not have anything to add to this tbh

colors thing: peachy-pink, charcoal grey, bright bright eye-hurting teal, mint green, light butter yellow, eggshell white, deep earthy brown. <3
beatnikdinosaur :

i sound like a sweet lolita coord omg…..


Being in a Skype call with me


What fictional character(s) do I remind you of?



dollhouse furniture is really cute to me too *__* idk maybe the whole liking to customize/build houses thing continued to stay with me after playing animal crossing on the gamecube??? idk??? i want to build 500 dollhouse and furnish and decorate every single damn one. gosh

this is really out of the blue but i want to build a dollhouse wtf. it seems like a really chill thing. i still have the one my dad put together for me for christmas like 14 years ago and for a while ive wanted to build more but it’s like. looks up kit prices on amazon. actually cries